Understanding academic inferiority

The quest for knowledge is eternal, and the need to cope up with every lesson thought is essential. Accomplishing the tasks required is already something good, but it’s another thing to desire more than just compliance — it is the desire to be the frontrunner. It’s a good thing because competing with your peers promote social health. It also promotes the confidence you can bring as you finish studying and finally enter the reality of the world. However, there’s another outcome of contending with one another that has failed to be noticed — it can also end the hope of someone just trying to make it through.

Sometimes, the contributors of the developing inferior thinking of students is peer pressure. As the pupil slowly views everyone around him rise up before his very eyes as if they were giants ready to crush him down, the confidence the student clings to slowly deteriorates, resulting to a bad performance in the academy. Let the attention of each and every student be caught, that not everyone solves as fast as another does, nor does one memorize terms rapidly as another does. Although we can say that informing everyone of how fast you accomplished something is not intended to boast nor to bring up any pressure among his classmate, the students must be sensitive enough to feel if there is something out of tune that is rising.

Another facet that should be seen is how the system recognizes the efforts of each student. According to the Department of Education’s newest system for the selection of honors, it is stated that every student with at least a general average of 90 is automatically an academic awardee. Furthermore, they have added a long list of special awards as to expand the number of recipients of these recognitions. Yes, we can all agree that this was a good move, but there is a catch behind this. The old passing rate for written inputs, which is 50%, has been raised to 60%, decreasing the chances of students to make up with their grades.

Academic standing has defined the level of intelligence a person ever since it was established. It must be acknowledged that the ability on books, paper and pen don’t equate with the person’s ability on different things. Disregarding any award or any other recognition, the student cannot be far from reflecting how much effort he has also rendered without seeing any concrete proof that he did so, especially if nothing comes from those people around him. Every part of the learners’ bracket from the academic community must be able to feel the fulfillment of the year they have accomplished, because failing to do so, it’s frankly possible to develop a thinking that they are of lesser value.

Families of each student must also be pro-active regarding this matter. As the first school of the children, everything must be talked about with one another in order to express any hindrance of emotion. More than anything or anyone else, the anxious rise of emotions must be opened

According to IB Times, a certain alarming number of children from Japan commit suicide on their opening of schools. One of the causes is the effect of the school system present there. They are only children, merely able to explain themselves, harshly disciplined with a belief that they would become better persons. We have failed to see that they would not be able to become better persons if they have not even come to live the fullness of life.

Self-harming tendencies develop when a very obvious separation of who’s on top and who’s not continues to be implemented. It leaves an impression on the child that he cannot do anything better than just to be a phantom disguised as a human being, watching over the success of those distinguished as excellent.

However strong they might appear in front of their classmates, or how soft-hearted they evidently might be, there will always be a fragile spot right there at the back of their hearts. We must promote affirmation in each and every child. Congratulate the achievers, and help those who are in need. No one is in the position to make any student feel less important. Actions amplify more meaning than words.

Don’t just let them hear it. Let them feel that there’s more of life than the numbers, the intimidators, and the people who don’t believe them. Others might already be on the top of their mountains, but do not let them lose their faith. Allow them to remember that they are still climbing their own mountains, and that the journey is taking long because the peak set for them is too far high above the ground.

Make them believe. Make them dream. Rebuke the concept of inferiority.

Written on August 2016



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