A beautiful woman as portrayed by media

Franco L. Babasa
3 min readAug 2, 2020

Almost half of the seven billion inhabitants of the world, divided by race, culture and belief, are composed of female human beings. As ages passed by, humanity has learned to deviate its judgments and opinions. Their distinctions of what is wrong, right, unpleasant and pleasing has evolved. A recognizable attribute set apart for the ladies deemed not only owners of eye-catching faces, but also keepers of loving hearts has been developed.

That attribute spells out the word beautiful.

Beauty, based on the delineation of the Eleventh Edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, is a characteristic of a person or an object that amplifies the satisfaction of the senses, mind and spirit. Obviously, beauty is more than the usual highfalutin descriptions from the books. Even before it is imprinted on the pages, it comes out from the tongues of its human publishers.

However, people have already reached a certain point in the timeline of their existence where there are other perceptions of beauty that are taken into general consideration and global acceptance. Time has constantly and swiftly moved as it oversaw generations come and leave with new established standards of what a beautiful woman should be. Today, a certain assemblage serving as a meeting point of diverse groups of people from one end of the world to another has enabled its statements to become universally accepted. This group of people has modified the requirements of who shall keep the modern golden apple of Eris. They have a different perception of beauty, and now this perception has become universally satisfying.

The media has established a stereotype of a beautiful woman as blonde, white-skinned ladies measuring 36–24–36, furnished with branded make-up whose faces and bodies are published in every communication medium possible — posters, billboards, magazines and so much more. Furthermore, women who belong to the media’s definition of beauty are automatically assumed to own a set of up-to-date revealing clothing with perpetually short lengths.

The media’s kind of beautiful has not only been constrained to their own; it has overcome the world’s own point of view.

There is nothing wrong with branding the fore-described ladies as beautiful. The only problem is that it has become the only option left for universal acceptance. The world has forgotten that the global populace is divided into groups of people who are together because they have some things within each of them that are common, and one of these is their view of beauty.

Nowadays, the brand new definition of beauty had ladies from all over the world modify themselves to meet the criteria everyone has come to accept. Take note: no age is exempted. Hip adjustments, nose lifting, body part enlargements, and an uncountable set of other allegedly beautifying medical rituals.

The conservative bracket is forcing themselves to wear garments they don’t usually wear. In the plight of the feminine populace, they try to hurdle to the most expensive and most daring clothes in order to walk around the streets as if a floating banner above their heads with an inscription saying “beautiful” is appearing. The madness brought about by the judgment of media has brought us to these unexpected turn of events; this is a truth we should not be tolerating.

Every race, every nation, every culture and every person should not allow anyone or anything to interfere with how they would deem someone beautiful, especially the women themselves. Due to the fact that the superficial image of modern feminine splendor is being forced straight into everyone’s personal strongholds, the women suffer and sacrifice at a high cost just in order for them to be called alluring based on the media-altered societal standards.

Beauty should not be based on any trait that is accepted by a certain majority. It should not be according to size, color, or any other attribute; not even the media can decide about this. Beauty is for every woman — of every age, of every nationality, of every weight, of every height. Each woman is created beautiful in her own image, and nothing else nor no one else can attest to this. Beauty is more than what is seen from the eye of the beholder — it is found as you see the beholder herself.

Written on August 2016



Franco L. Babasa

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